Saturday, October 29, 2011

List of Bead Pattern Sites

Here is a list of websites that I go to when I'm looking for bead patterns, projects, tutorials and tips.  I hope you find these helpful.

Do you have a favorite that I haven't listed?  If so, please let me know!

Friday, October 28, 2011

More Food, Artists and Performers

Thanks for coming back to see charm #2!  If this is your first time visit, I do appreciate your visit!!

Here's my fiery sun seed bead charm made with Toho Japanese seed beads.  Beadwoven with the brick stitch technique.  It's the second charm made for special customer and it commemorates a fun festival in her home state.

Design by Handmade + Cute
See charm #1 here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Food, Artists, Performers

Once again, I'm lucky enough to make a fun charm for a wonderful customer to celebrate an upcoming festival.  I'm working on a couple of designs to reflect the merriment and spirit of the event.  Here is the first one.

The beading technique is the square stitch, using my favorite Toho seed beads.

Design adapted from the festival logo by Handmade + Cute.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beaded Christmas Stocking

Handmade and cute, fun and festive, beaded Christmas Stocking Earrings.

Christmas Stocking Earrings
Handmade + Cute
Beadwoven with Toho Seed Beads in size 11.
Colors include opaque lustered cherry, opaque lustered, light beige and opaque white attached to silver plated surgical steel earwires.

Measures Measures 2.25 cm. at its widest point and 3.75 cm. in length.
Dangles approximately 5.5 cm. in length.

Design by:  Handmade + Cute
Find it on Etsy.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Christmas Tree Ornament

Here is a whimsical Christmas Tree ornament that I beaded from a fun pattern created by Megan's Beaded Design.   A great appreciation gift for friends, teachers and family.

Materials Used:
*Toho size 11 seed beads in opaque lustered terra cotta and sunshine, opaque pepper red, navy blue, apple green and white.
* Fireline 10lb in clear.

Weaving Technique:  Peyote stitch

Available on Handmade + Cute, Etsy

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flower Coasters

These flower coasters have been adapted from the Tree Stump Coasters D.I.Y. project as featured on A Beautiful Mess Blog.

I gathered my scrap fabric and cut 3 different sizes of circles using various lids as templates.

I shaped them into flowers.  My little one is practicng her blanket stitch.

Here is a coaster that has been layered with the different flower sizes.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beadwoven Jewelry For Your Every Whim

Here is a most beautiful Etsy Treasury curated by Gilruth Designs.  Gilruth Designs creates beautiful beaded and beadwoven bracelets, necklaces and earrings that you need to see.   I am extremely flattered to be included in this Treasury with my feather earrings because the work featured in this treasury is simply amazing! 

When you have a chance, you should check out these stunning beadwoven jewelry and accessories.  I'm sure Gilruth Designs would love to hear from you too so let her know what you think of her Beadwoven Jewelry For Your Every Whim Treasury Collection.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Candy Tin Bead Organizer

My newest way to keep my beads organized for beading projects.  Candy tins!  The cuter, the better!  Rather than leaving loose beads on my table while I take a break, I stack the shaped felt pads into the tin with the beads sitting so cozily and organized on its own bed.  I can stack about 3 layers in the Hello Kitty tin.  When I'm ready to bead again, I simply roll out the felt pad (like a jelly roll) then unroll it on my workspace.

  • Cut the beading felt into the shape of the container using the tin as a template.  The felt must fit snugly into the tin to stop the beads from slipping through the sides. 
When traveling with my bead tin, I "seal" the beads in place by placing an extra felt shape on top to stop the beads from visiting it's neighbors.

No more bead mess until the kids realize that their Hello Kitty candy tins are missing.