Friday, December 28, 2012

I Love Your Smile!

Another week has gone by but this week marks the last full week of December 2012. Oh my! About this time last year, I had set a crafty goal for 2012 and that was to list one new item a week in my shop. I did pretty well in the beginning but somewhere, sometime, I lost track of the days, weeks, and numbers. I'd like to think that I did reach my goal of listing 52 new items in my shop. Maybe I'll try this again for 2013 but do a better job of record keeping.

Thanks to fancy apps, I've been able to schedule a weekly "I Love Your Smile!" post to recognize my wonderful blog friends who are kind enough to leave me uplifting comments. Without you, blogging would not be much fun so I thank you for keeping me motivated!

1. ChatterBlossom {Jamie}
2. Creations by Shirl {Shirl}
3. crafting this and that {Eva}
4. Joy of Crafting {Joy}
5. Crocheted Little Things {Lu}

I hope you have ended this week lots of smiles!

For week 52 of Year 2012, here is my Etsy listing.

 Wise Owl Charm

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pandas & Photos

Last Christmas I convinced my daughter that my point and shoot Panasonic camera was better than her Nikon because it was more expensive and had more pixels. We switched cameras. I took the Nikon and she took the Panasonic.

A couple of days ago I changed my mind. Using my persuasive powers, I convinced my daughter that my Nikon is really much better than her Panasonic because it has tons of different features. She was convinced. We switched cameras for the second time.

It took me forever to take this one photo of the Panda charms because I didn't know what all the setting things meant =(  Maybe it will be time for another switch?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Traditions

I like reading blogs to see what kind of holiday traditions other families share together. I think family traditions make everything even more special. I hope my kids will remember these fun times when they are all grown up with families of their own.

Our traditions are very...traditional. Nothing fancy or too difficult because I might get grumpy. Each year we make a new holiday ornament to add to our tree. This year we did something a little different and easier. Instead of crafting, the kids made a "holiday time capsule" with those clear plastic balls you can pick up at the craft store. Each child placed a current photo and special 2012 memories into the ornament. My older put a memento from her favorite dessert shop along with many tiny origami cranes that she carefully folded. Each crane lists a goal for 2013. The younger one put in a little bag that she sewed {because sewing is her thing this year}. She also added a molar that she recently lost {yuck!}.

The kids just finished working on mini gingerbread houses. This is not part of our holiday tradition because, thank goodness, this messy project is done at school. However, we found kits for really cheap and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately the frosting in this kit was not thick enough so the walls kept collapsing. I managed to take a photo...

...before the walls came tumbling down. I hear crunching! Is someone eating the house?

Later today we'll bake chocolate cookies for Santa from a very, very simple recipe. Last year we baked oatmeal cookies, a little too early, and ended up eating it before Christmas. We had to give Santa a store bought cookie and in the morning the kids found it half eaten in the garbage. Hopefully our cookies will turn out well and Santa will enjoy his little snack.

I'd love to hear about your holiday traditions. Maybe I'll adopt a few of yours and get rid of some of ours that aren't working.

Have a very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa gives you exactly what you have been wishing for!

Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, December 21, 2012

I Love Your Smile!

I Love Your Smile!


If you haven't been to Chatter Blossom's blog, you must go now. She has a wonderful series of posts that will keep you coming back for more. I love her Thursday Thrill post which is a collection of clothing and accessories to go along with her theme of the day. You too will love her blog and the gorgeous handcrafted accessories that she sells in her Etsy shop.

Creations by Shirl

It's seems like I've know Shirl forever. I think it's because I visit her blog, Creations by Shirl, almost everyday. She never fails to make me smile with her beautiful sentiments, cute cards and paper crafts. Shirl's a local, Hawai'i girl just like me who leaves me the most funniest comments. She is an awesome designer that crafts for everyone!

Eva of crafting this and that, is an artist. With her Copic markers, she can color anything and make it look soo realistic. I promise, you'll be amazed! It's Wyland-like! I'm an avid crafting this and that blog reader and I always look forward to Eva's latest design.


Joy from The Joy of Crafting, is a Hawai'i celebrity and I'm thankful that she finds the time to visit and leave comments on my blog. Joy is a constant source of inspiration with her wide range of crafty skills. She works with wire, paper, fabric and so much more. Visit Joy's blog here or catch her show on YouTube.



I'm happy to introduce you to Kim, a busy, creative mom and my newest blogland friend. She writes over at 2 just B you. Kim's blog is a journal of her family's small business adventure and all the things that happen in between. Her Etsy shop, just B you, carries a wide variety of handcrafted gifts. And, it includes a cool HANDMADE by the KIDS section too! Thanks for joining me on my blog Kim!

My heart is happy and thankful to all of you for making me smile! I hope you had a wonderful week and wishing you all a fabulous, fun-filled weekend.  Hope you get to slumber in bed and sleep in too!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Running Low on Energy

It's raining again and the sun has been hiding from us nearly all week. Our solar water heater needed an electrical boost to warm our shower water and that doesn't happen too often. I'd like to snuggle in my blankets and stay in but the ants-in-his-pants husband is on vacation so snuggling indoors is not allowed.

Yesterday we went to the Windward side of Oah'u to visit the Byodo-In Temple at the Valley of Temples Memorial Park. It's such a beautiful and peaceful place. Thank goodness we were spared from another hike because my legs are still aching and like our solar heater, I need a boost of energy.

The kids loved feeding the fish and birds. I enjoyed the quiet and the lush surroundings. Here's a photo that my daughter took.

I was unable to finish the beaded charms that I had planned to give as stocking stuffers at a recent gift exchange.  Instead I used flowers that I made earlier and added it to elastic bands. Here's one of the brighter ones.

With all the "children" at home on holiday break, our house is a huge mess! My wish to Santa this year is to have a clean house with everything put away where it should be (not heaped in a laundry basket, piled on the coffee table or stuffed behind the sofa).

Santa, I hope you're listening...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Step It Up!

The rainy weather cleared up a bit yesterday and we were able to make our Diamond Head Crater hike. Oh, the kids were not too happy because they wanted to vegetate in the house but we didn't want to miss a nice day so off we went.

Named by the British who thought diamonds existed among the slopes, Diamond Head is a well known landmark on Oahu. The site was later used for coastal defense operations during World War II. Seeing the bunkers is one of the exciting parts of the hike.

The most difficult part for me was the second set of stairs, 99 steps in all! The kids had fun but they prefer the woodsy, nature type adventures rather than these rocky, hot hikes. The hike was relatively short and I was able to work on some beading.  Here is my latest project as suggested by a customer.

This is made in the likeness of Oski the Bear. The mascot for UC Berkeley.

I hope you all are having a great week! What are you up to?

Monday, December 17, 2012

I Love A Rainy Day

I love the sound of the rain outside my window. I love the smell. I love the chill.
I don't love the havoc it causes on the road. I don't love the flooding it can bring.
A rainy day to cool and cleanse the air is nice though!

Days like today would be a great 'stay inside and watch a good movie' kind of day but we decided to go out.

We were hoping for the skies to clear so we could hike up Diamond Head but the rain followed us from the West side down to the South. Instead, our excursion brought us to the Bishop Museum where we went to see bugs. No one in our family is fond of bugs but mammoth sized, fake ones are okay.

I don't have any major bead projects that I'm working on right now. For the next couple of weeks I hope I can relax and enjoy time with the kids.

How are you all doing?

Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, December 14, 2012

I Love Your Smile!

Silly Me! Here I was, so excited to make my own handmade gifts to give to friends and I was even thinking of baking cookies! Kids came home one day with mom assignments for school (potlucks, presentations, Secret Santa gifts, etc.) and husband said, "I need gifts for Bob's family and Bobby's family and Bobette's family and Bobster's family and Bobara's family and it all has to be mailed out to the mainland! Can you get it for me?" {names have been changed to protect the innocent}

Until things settle down again, dancing {yes dancing!} crunchy chocolate chip cookies with Big Island macadamia nuts baking in my oven will be imaginary thoughts for my belly. Oh well, maybe Santa will get me some tasty treats for Christmas and I'm sure it'll be much yummier than my home baked attempts. I'll sneak in some beading time to keep me sane...I really need it before I get "unstrung" and all my marbles go spilling out over the floor. Or am I too late? I'm feeling quite loopy already = (

I hope my blogging friends are enjoying the exciting bustle of the holiday season.
...why don't you peek in and say "Hi!" to these wonderful ladies.

I did manage to complete one beaded elastic hair band. The beads are wrapped around a magnesite bead then attached to a rubber band. It isn't as heavy as it looks.

What's been keeping you busy lately? Shopping? Wrapping? Mailing? Baking? Commuting? Crafting? Cleaning House for guests?

I must give you all a huge THANK YOU for stopping by my blog to hear me babble about the Bob families.  Enjoy the almost Christmas weekend. I love your smile =D

Monday, December 10, 2012

Temporarily Strung

Temporarily Strung...that's how I feel some days.

Well actually, that's what I bought this weekend...temporarily strung magnesite beads {from Ben Franklin Crafts}. I've been admiring these beads because of it's bright, bold colors and finally gave in to buying them. I plan to bead around these and add them to rubber bands for my mommy friends. When we go out, we only have time to tie up our hair into ponytails. The packaging says, "believed to stimulate passion", so I will make this into a grown-up gift - just in case!

I also received chains that I bought online. Unfortunately, the chains are much thicker than I anticipated. I had hoped to make simple necklaces but the chain overwhelms the dainty beaded design. Instead I made a bracelet...

I'm very happy that I have time to make handmade gifts this year.  Maybe I'll even bake cookies {wishful thinking}.  How are you doing on your holiday gift list?  

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, December 7, 2012

I Love Your Smile!

Here is my "I Love Your Smile!" list for today.

My favorite blogging friends...

I am touched by your thoughtfulness...

Eva sent me a sweet card and a really cute Post-It Note Pad holder that I will keep close to me because writing notes on napkins or my hand really doesn't work very well. Crafty Eva shares a tutorial for her post-it note holder on her blog. I'm happy she made one for me =)

Cyndi at Beading Arts for the Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! book that I won in her giveaway. I am so excited to start on some shrink art projects. It's amazing to see the variety of jewelry and decorations you can make with shrink plastic - cutesy accessories and grown up designs too!

Thanks to the supportive Etsy community for including my design in your Treasuries.

Anna Xx from Planet Anna Nail Art and curator of a Cute bright jazzy funky - a bit of everything! Xx Treasury.

Sassy Sashadoxie curated Penguins A Plenty Treasury. If you like penguins, you need to check out this treasury.

The talented Elias Cosindas of Silver Grain Photography curated a very beautiful Print Rules collection.

For a festive holiday Treasury, take a look at Christmas Trees by Sakura Beads.

The Dorothy Days has a list of  Under $10 Gift Ideas in her BNR Christmas treasury. Affordable and gorgeous handcrafted work!

Daughter's Christmas Craft
Although everyone is busy preparing for Christmas and some days may even be filled with chaos, you've all found some time to share a smile with me and I truly appreciate your kindness.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Boxer That Went To Italy

This boxer is so lucky! It's on it's way to Italy!

I recently added worldwide shipping to my shop because Etsy now offers labels and custom forms that you can print right at home when someone makes an order.  I avoided international orders because I really did not like driving and standing in line to mail a product that I just sold for $2.  It didn't seem worth the extra effort.  But with Etsy's new shipping labels, I thought I'd give it a try. There have been many complaints about the new system but I'm happy to say that it has worked for me. The postage price was correct and it was a very simple process.

For today's shipment, I went to the post office just to make sure I did everything right. I did! The postal clerk said I could put my package directly in the mailbox the next time I print an international label.  How convenient is that?! I love technology!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's A Pikachu Party!

Apparently, in our home, there is no such thing as too many Pikachu's. We have various forms of this animated creature lurking about - toys, drawings, dolls, videos and now charms. My daughter actually asked me to make her a Pikachu some time ago but I've finally gotten around to doing it. She is excited to pass these on to her friends.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monty's Madness!

What is the probability that Monty Hall, of the famed game show The Price is Right, knew that his mystery door game would become a math problem for tons of school kids?

During the afternoon and early evening, my craft space (the dining room table) turns into study hall. Laptops, papers, text books, pencils and all sorts of projects take over my work area and I'm left with a table edge to bead from.

Today's homework included a written probability assignment based on Monty's mystery door game. At first, my daughter's essay left both of us rolling with laughter because her answer was pure nonsense. However, it soon turned into moans of frustration.  She finally completed her assignment with a nice, nerdy answer that made my brain spin and left me with no desire to finish up my beadwork. Whew...I can't wait for Winter school break to arrive!

Here is something that I did complete. It's a custom request for teenie-weenie beaded flags.

Here is a photo that my wonderful customer sent me of her completed bracelet.  It's simple, sweet and very trendy. Don't you think so?

Well, thank you for stopping by. I'll leave you with the link to The Monty Hall Problem on YouTube. Have fun!