Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Saturday ~ Four & I Love Your Smile!

Hello! How are you doing? I must say it's been a struggle to keep up with my blog because of our busy schedule but I am motivated by my visitors and the comments you leave. Thanks for stopping by!

Handmade Cute
Today we spent our time at the Keiki Swap Meet selling new and used children goods as a fundraiser for an organization that my kids are involved in. There were tons of kiddie vendors all selling children items at great prices and shoppers looking for bargains! The families met at our home yesterday evening to prepare and price the items. Prices ranged from $.05 for small knick-knacks to $5.00 for brand new jeans with tags. If only I could fit into those jeans!! Towards the end of our day, the jeans were going for $.50! Like I said, people were looking for bargains. The kids didn't make as much as they wanted to but I do hope they learned something from this experience. As for me, I may not have been able to fit into those amazing jeans but I did buy these cute Arpakasso Alpacas!

Although it's been a bit crazy I want to be sure to let you know how much you make me smile! Thank you to my blog friends for supporting me with your visits and kind comments.


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Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Turtle Beach (Laniakea)

Laniakea Beach, Oahu HI

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time for Games

The kids are having a get together this week and it involves a few games and prizes. I thought it would be a good time to experiment with some crafts and add these to the prize basket.

I wanted to make clay pendants. Here is my first attempt. I used Sculpey III clay, rubber stamps and acrylic paint to make these. I started with a roller to create a uniform thickness but ended up just squashing down the clay with my fingers. I couldn't find a mold small enough to make the shape so again I did the "squash" technique. These are quite ugly but maybe I'll give it another try later. I still need to add some clear varnish and definitely less squashing and more love.

I also made some bow charms. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Maybe add a chain or zipper pull clasp. 

Can you tell what material I used to make these bows?
Are you thinking about it?

This is what I used...

Rubber bracelet thingies!
Did you guess it right?

I made the bows by cutting the bracelet into small rectangles, wrapping wire around the center of the piece (wording towards the back) and slipping a jump ring through the wire. Easy peasy and I like it much better than the clay charms. I don't think the kids will notice that their bracelets are gone.

Have a wonderful crafty day! Thanks for stopping by :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Saturday ~ Three

When Father's Day rolls around in June, we have a tradition to follow. Do you have a special way to celebrate this day? Here is how we do it...

Every year for Father's Day, my kids buy dad a brand new pack of clean white underwear. While dad is at work, they "secretly" dye, doodle or paint on his new undies as well as some of his old ones. I say "secretly" but after doing this year after year, my husband expects to receive colorful briefs for Father's Day. He is never pleased and moans and groans when he sees his new pink, purple, green designer clothing and recalls embarrassing stories of *gasp*, people seeing his pink undies. The kids LOVE it!

Father's Day 2012

I am so sad that this year we didn't have time for this fun tradition but the kid's each made a wonderful book for him instead. This printable book idea came from Washi Tape Crafts.

We still plan to follow through with our tradition, a little late, but this year it might really be an unexpected surprise!

Friday, June 14, 2013

I Love Your Smile!

Happy Friday! I hope you had an extraordinary week full of laughter, fun and great memories. Thanks for sharing your smile with me.

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I appreciate your wonderful comments and your support! Enjoy your weekend!

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I'm tallying up your comments (June - August). The top smiley commentor will receive a goody! Check out where you rank on the side bar...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summery Things

After a romp on the beach in the hot sun, swimming among the ocean life and collecting pretty shells...

Handmade Cuties
Sea Star Zipper Pull Charm

...enjoy an ice cold, sweet delicious treat...
Handmade Cuties
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Zipper Pull Charm

...and spend the evening sipping on a refreshing lime margarita! 

Handmade Cuties
Lime Zipper Pull Charm
...Ahhh Summer! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beach House

Beach House made of drift wood and sea weeds


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Easy DIY Sport Party Favors - Cute, Fun and Annoying!

It's party time and I need quick, simple favors to give to the kids on the volleyball team. Here is what I came up with. A whistle charm that requires just a little bit of supplies.

* Plastic whistles with cord from the party store. Or use your own cord.
* Zipper pulls (lanyard clips)
* Sport Ball Beads
* Another type of bead that you have in your stash
* Clear fingernail polish or glue for sealing knot
* Big eyed needle

Take off the pretty cord from the whistle and cut it into 12" (or so) lengths. I have stubby fingers so I didn't want to fiddle-faddle with a short cord.

Slip the whistle to the center of the cord and tie a knot. The loop knot kind.

Decorate the cord with beads of your choice. I used volleyball beads and acrylic spacer beads. (I added the beads to one side of the cord first. I didn't need the needle to do this. Then with the big eye needle, I slipped the other cord through the beads. The two cords were too thick to go through the beads in one one pass.) Both ends of the cord should exit out of the last bead you added.

Knot the cords close to the bead. Tie another knot about 1 cm. higher leaving a loop between the two knots.

Dab, dab, dab your top knot with glue or clear polish (with sparklies if you like).

When the polish is dry, snip off the excess cord close to the knot and slide the zipper clasp through the hole.

When you're done, you'll have colorful sport whistle and ball charms to give out to the entire team. I thought it would have been nicer to use the team colors but I was only able to find assorted color whistles. You could use cord and beads that coordinate with your team's color to make it more personal.

The annoying part comes in when the kids continue to blow the whistle all day long. When the adults start to become irritated by the constant fweeeeeeeeee! noise, you'll know it's time to leave the party.

Have fun!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Saturday ~ two

It's a sci- fi PG-13 movie about aliens and the end of humanity. I sit in the last row of the theatre as an "invisible parent" chaperone while the newly hatched teenagers sit as far away from me as they can without looking up into Will Smith's nostrils.

My younger not-yet-13-year-old is sitting next to me, protectively guarding her popcorn. I couldn't leave her alone at home so I bring her along and buy her the kid's snack tray - popcorn, a box of candy and fruit punch. She loves it. I tell her to close her eyes if the movie gets scary but she won't because the popcorn might disappear into my mouth.

The spaceship crashes! Gigantic baboons on the attack! Oh no...poisonous leaches! Destructive thermal earth shifts! A zombie dead sister! ALIEN!

Finally, I get some popcorn. It's soggy.

The teenagers are giddy with glee over the movie. My little one is bouncing with sugar overload. And I leave with a line from Will Smith that I will use with my kids when the aliens attack.

“Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But Fear is a choice.”   Will Smith, After Earth

What do you think of this quote?


Friday, June 7, 2013

I Love Your Smile!

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you had a wonderful week and have fun plans for your weekend. This summer is turning out to be a busy one especially for my older daughter. I don't know how it turned out to be so busy but it has and I'm pretty proud of my girl for trying so many new things. I gave her a month off of piano thinking she could relax a bit but her days quickly filled up with a list of activities that she chose to do such as volleyball, 4H, volunteer work for the Oahu SPCA and fundraising activities for her school. In addition to that she has summer homework assigned by the school and her father and I think it would be beneficial for her to start studying for the SSAT exam for high school. Some days, she really needs a smile and, thanks to you, I am glad to have extra smiles to share with her.

I Love Your Smile!

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Crazy little Love birds
"Embracing life's little moments with my loves by my side. It's a beautiful life."

"Accessories with a story to tell."

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Thank you my blog friends for your support!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Free Brick Stitch Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Pattern

What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor? I go through flavor stages but I often select ice cream with chocolate or coffee. I like nuts too.

Bead Crumbs by Jayne

As a kid, I loved strawberry ice cream so here is a throwback to my childhood days...a seed bead pattern for strawberry ice cream - in a cone please. 

These are the materials I used to complete my beaded design.
* Toho seed beads size 11/0
* 4 mm. acrylic faceted bead
* 6 lb. Crystal Fireline
* Beading needle

Measurement of finished work is approximately approximately 1.75 cm. at its widest point and am 2.25 cm. height.
Bead Count: 86
No. of Colors: 4

Bead Legend (Toho)
1: Opaque Lustered Cherry (#125)
2: Ceylon Tomato Soup (#906)
3: Opaque Lustered Lt. Beige (#123)

Pattern Created using BeadTool4,

To download and print this PDF pattern, please go here.

This is an original HandmadeCute design. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, share, alter or sell this pattern. If selling your completed beadwork from this pattern, please credit the design to my shop, HandmadeCute at or my blog at 

Feel free to share your completed ice cream cone on my Facebook page.

Thank you and have fun!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Art on the Zoo Fence

handmade cute image
Art Show Honolulu Zoo

Monday, June 3, 2013

Things to Love

I adore this sweet, retro style Treasury with it's soft pink hues. It makes me think of innocence and the smell of baby powder, of a tender coming of age story (before the corruption part comes in) and tiny fluffy bunnies. What does it make you think of?

'See what she .............' by PrettySang

Love it!

Newborn Headband, Baby Headb...

Blooming Love Print

Victorian silk dress

Elegant Floppy Hat for Child...

Violin Pendant

spring crochet basket, natur...

Pink Rose with Bow Zipper Pu...

Teddy Bear Rat Larisa Patter...

Baby pink ring with chrysant...

Resin Flower Bobby Pin Hair ...

Urchin : Air plant

Tooth fairy pillow, house pi...

Pink wood earrings - pink ea...

Moncherie bracelet , multi c...

Needle Felted Owl, grey blue...

Love Ceramic Ring Dish White...

Thank you PrettySang for including my Pink Rose with Bow Zipper Pull in this gorgeous collection.

HandmadeCute Treasury
A Set of 6 Lucite Lavender Bell Flower Accessory
by PrettySang, Etsy