Sunday, October 19, 2014

Folding Instructions for Kraft Gift Box

For those who purchased the Kraft Gift Box from Bead Crumbs, below is a diagram with the instructions for folding the box.

Bead Crumbs Etsy

1. The box will come to you flat or folded in half to save on shipping cost. Pre-fold your box along the scored lines.
2. We will work on the bottom of the box first. The bottom is the larger side without the shop logo stamped on the outside. Place the logo side face down on your work surface so you will be folding up on the blank side.
3. Fold the side with the red star and the corners in. The red star is not on your box but shown here for demonstration purposes only.
4. Fold the sides up and tuck the little tab into the slit opening.
5. We're working on the top of the box now. Fold the side flaps in.
6. To close the box you're going to tuck the side flaps into the box.
7. Tuck the little rounded tab into the little pocket created by the folds.
8. Your box is now finished and quite secure.
9. Remember to include your Bead Crumbs' trinket in the box :) Although the box is ready for gift giving, you can add tissue, ribbons, wrapping paper or your own embellishments to decorate your box even further.

Thanks for stopping by. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Sample Bead Crumbs PDF Pattern, Bead Weaving with Seed Beads


Today I'm posting a sample of my PDF bead pattern. The image below is similar to what you will receive when you purchase a digital pattern from my Etsy shop or my Craftsy Pattern store.

I've sold quite a few patterns and received a total of two negative reviews which are two too many (wow, that sounds confusing). The problem occurs when there is a misunderstanding of what will be received in the PDF file that is purchased. I would like to clarify what you will be receiving so you will not be disappointed when you buy my pattern and, in turn, I will not be sad about the negative review.

First of all, it's important to know that there will be "No Instructions" included with your pattern purchase. Zippo, zero, puka, nada - not even follow along diagrams or stick figures. Those who are familiar with bead weaving (ladder stitch and increasing/decreasing brick or peyote stitches) will have fun creating these beaded designs. Those with little or no experience may struggle a bit (or a lot). If you are new to bead weaving, you may want to practice with my free patterns first. You can also go to my YouTube channel, Bead Crumbs Designs, for tips and freebies.

Okay, now for what you will receive. You will receive a 1 or 2 page PDF file to download to your computer device. The page you download will contain the following information: 
1. Suggested beading supplies. These are the materials that I usually use in my beadwork but you can use whatever you have on hand.
2. Bead Legend. A chart with the bead reference number, bead color and bead count. Most of the time, I use Miyuki Delica seed beads, size 11 and Miyuki Rocaille or Toho size 15 for the loop. You are free to change the bead colors and use the beads of your choice.
3. Image of a completed project. If you use the same supplies and beads that I suggest, your finished product should look similar to the sample photo shown.
4. Bead Chart. The bead chart is the pattern of the beadwork. The numbers on the bead chart correspond with the numbers on the bead legend so you will know what color beads to use and where it should be placed.

Finally, please note that the patterns are my original designs. I've squished my little brain cells really hard to come up with the design so please understand that you are not allowed to copy, reproduce, share, alter or sell the patterns. Your finished product, however, may be sold but out of kindness and professional courtesy, please credit the design to Bead Crumbs ( It is disappointing to see my designs sold elsewhere with credit going to someone else :(

For the time being, I've de-activated all of my bead patterns on Etsy (but you can still buy them on Craftsy). The brick stitch Turtle pattern used in this blog post is not available yet but it will go up on Craftsy as a free design. If you want to give it a try based on the image above, knock yourself out and have fun. A completed Turtle charm can be purchased here > Cute Turtle Charm.

All of my patterns are created using the Bead Tool beading software. It's a wonderful program!

I hope this information helps because I would love to share my patterns with you so we both can have beadiful fun together!

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pattern Available for Beaded Blow Dryer and Flat Iron Set

Bead weaving pattern now available for these essential hair styling tools - Blow Dryer and Flat Iron.

Brick stitch bead weaving pattern
Brick stitch blow dryer and flat iron for hair
Patterns available on Craftsy.

You  need to know basic bead weaving stitches - ladder stitch and increasing/decreasing brick stitch.
Blow Dryer 
Skill level ***** The odd shape of the blow dryer and the electrical plug makes it a little tricky.
Dimensions: 15 beads wide x 21 beads tall
Miyuki Delica Seed Beads, size 11, unless noted.
Colors: 6
Black, DB010
Opaque Grey, DB731
Opaque Dark Blue, DB726
Opaque Red, DB791
Matte Light Red AB, DB856
Transparent Crystal, Miyuki Rocaille, size 15, 15-131

Flat Iron
Skill level ***** Pretty basic except for the plug.
Dimensions: 7 beads wide x 28 beads tall
Colors: 5
Black, DB010
Opaque Grey, DB731
Opaque Red, DB791
Matte Light Red AB, DB856
Transparent Crystal, Miyuki Rocaille, size 15, 15-131

Feel free to change the bead colors and Have Fun!
If you would like to buy the completed hair set, it's available at Bead Crumbs, Etsy >>>Beaded Blow Dryer and Flat Iron.

Contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!

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